Why Cleansing is so Important to your Health, Energy and Vitality

Do you feel like you never have any energy, even in the morning hours after you’ve just gotten up and have had your first cup of coffee? Are your days spent in a kind of “mental fog”, that keeps you from being able to focus on your work, your family or anything else for that matter? Do you constantly get colds or the flu, never feel like you’re completely healthy, or have weird health symptoms that you can’t explain?

If any of those descriptions above describe you, there’s a good chance that the harmful chemicals, pollutants and toxins that fill our air, water and even our food may be the cause of your troubles.

Unfortunately, today there are more harmful chemicals in our surroundings than ever before. Our water is full of them, and so is the air that we breathe every day. The food we eat? Yeah, it’s full of chemicals too, and some of them are even put there on purpose by farmers, in order to increase the yield of meat, eggs, milk and other products that farm animals provide.

It doesn’t stop there. The vegetables and fruit that we eat are sprayed with chemicals of all different kinds in order to kill insects, and many of them are now being grown with the help of GMOs.  Frighteningly , we don’t even know what the future ramifications of using those is going to be just yet.

All of these chemicals, toxins and pollutants have a bad habit of building up in the human body and, over time, they can wreak havoc on your immune system and, consequently, your overall health.

They overburden the natural filters that your body uses, including your lungs, liver and other organs, and you keep them from doing their job as they were meant to do, and keep you healthy.

The result of all of this chemical poisoning is exactly what we described in the first paragraph of this article, including a lack of energy, clarity and mental focus.

Frankly, millions of people today are suffering from the effects of food, water and air toxicity and, unfortunately, things seem to only be getting worse.

The Power of Cleansing

So the question is this; what exactly can a person do in order to reduce the amount of toxins in their body and increase their energy and focus?

One of the best answers to that question is cleansing. Now, we’re not talking about hopping in the shower and scrubbing yourself thoroughly with soap and water, we’re actually talking about cleansing the inside of your body, including all those important organs that need to be working optimally.

A cleanse is simply a specific diet that a person can eat to reduce the amount of toxins built up in their body, invigorate and renew their internal organs and, most importantly, improve their immune system and overall health.

There are, to be sure, dozens of different cleansing diets that can be used in order to do this and, as with all types of diets, some are better than others.

That being said, most health experts agree that cleansing is not only highly beneficial but also should be done on a regular basis. Those experts include Dr. Mark Hyman who has a 10 day Detox Diet that many have found quite beneficial. (You can see a blog article on his diet here; http://www.doctoroz.com/article/10-day-detox-diet-jump-start-guide)

Dr. Alejandro Junger is another diet and health expert who affirms the healing, energy and focus benefits of cleansing.  In fact, he wrote a blog article about how to find the right type of cleanse for your particular body type. (Which you can read here; http://www.doctoroz.com/article/find-right-cleanse-your-body-type)

Even the fine folks over at WebMD  are fans of cleansing.  In a blog article posted on their website (found here; http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/detox-diets-cleansing-body) they talk about how cleansing is to your body what spring cleaning is to your home after the winter. In other words, it’s a great way to get rid of all the “junk” that’s accumulated in your body and leave it feeling fresh, invigorated and full of energy. (Unlike how you actually feel after spring cleaning your home, but that’s another story.)

Women’s Running and Health are two major websites that also chime in on the benefits of cleansing

(here; http://womensrunning.competitor.com/2013/08/nutrition/3-day-healthy-cleanse-diet-plan-with-recipes_14771

and here; http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20570282,00.html)

So as you can see, there is no lack of cleansing proponents and, well, here at The Survival Tabs we happen to be one of them.

The Slim Crunch 3-Day Cleanse

If you take the time to read through most of the blog articles that we mentioned above, you’ll find that one of the most important aspects of cleansing is that it gives your immune system a “break”.

By putting nothing but vitamins, minerals, protein and nutrients into your body, and leaving out all of toxins, pollutants and unnecessary stuff, your vital organs like your liver, heart, lungs, kidneys and the rest all get time to recuperate and heal, something that goes far towards revitalizing your immune system.

Of all of these organs, those found in the digestive tract, including the stomach, upper and lower intestines, are some of the most important. They also happen to be some of the most stressed from the unhealthy diets that many of us eat.

Using the Slim Crunch 3-Day Cleanse, you give your digestive tract very little actual food to digest, but that food is absolutely packed with the vitamins, minerals, micro & macro nutrients and protein that you need. In other words, you get all the good stuff and none of the junk.

The effect that this can have on your digestive system, your health and, for those of you on a natural diet, your weight loss, is absolutely amazing. Not only will you feel more invigorated and have more energy than you ever thought possible, but the pounds will start falling like leaves  off a tree in autumn.

After three days most people report that they have a huge amount of extra energy, their mental focus and clarity has returned and, even better, they lost quite a few pounds!


As we’ve seen, cleansing is an excellent way to fight back against the toxins and pollutants of modern-day life.

If you’re looking for a cleansing diet or regimen, the Slim Crunch 3 Day Cleanse is one of the best that you can find and, we might add, one of the most economical.