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Meal Planning for Backpackers using Survival Tabs As an outbound backpacker, your answer for an energy sustaining food supply was likely made days or weeks in advance. When you make camp after a full day of exercise, you want food that will nourish yo...Read more

Hardtack — A Great Survival Food Stock

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Hardtack is nutritious, delicious, and stores easily You’ve all heard of hardtack. It’s a great survival food, because it is very nutritious and tasty, and also keeps extremely well when stored in the proper conditions. We’ll show you how to make h...Read more

Your Story: Are You a Survivor?

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Are You a Survivor? We all know life-and-death situations aren't limited to Everest mountaineers, or even to people hiking in the wilderness. They can surprise us in the workplace, at home, and with regard to personal health. No matter the circumstance, ...Read more