“Busy Business Professional”

by The Survival Tabs

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“Busy Business Professional”

The Survival Tabs – Strawberry Flavor

I am a very busy business professional. There are many days I’m unable to get away for lunch, and sometimes dinner, for that matter. By the time I get home, it’s late and the last thing I want to do is eat fatty foods or cook dinner late at night. One of my colleagues had a snazzy little canteen on her desk which grabbed my attention.

I noticed the bottle said “The Survival Tabs”. Naturally, I inquired about it and she proceeded to tell me that it was a meal replacement tab that is a sustainable energy snack that has all of the vitamins and nutrition I need during times when I miss meals due to my crazy schedule. Come to find out, this product also is used as an emergency food ration in the event of a natural disaster. How great is that!?! Needless to say I tried one, and shockingly it was actually delicious. These tasty little tabs give me the energy I need to get me through the day until I am able to eat a full meal.

I wish I had known about this product long ago! I have recommended these to other colleagues and friends, and they too are now on The Survival Tabs bandwagon! I keep one of the canteens in my emergency survival kit at home! You never know when disaster will strike!

This product is definitely worth its weight in gold!

Treanna S.


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