A: Yes, definitely. Slim Crunch can be used in a 14-Day Weight Loss program where both breakfast and dinner meals are replaced with 3 to 6 Slim Crunch along with a healthy lunch featuring raw vegetables and lean protein. This will greatly increase your metabolism while reducing your weight at the same time.

A: Certainly! Because Slim Crunch are extremely low in calories, easy to digest and will give you a lot of extra energy, they are absolutely perfect for managing your weight before, during and after any type of weight loss program.

A: Through the science of digestion and absorption! Scientists have known for decades that a diet high in nutrients but low in calories is the best way to lose weight because it will boost your metabolism, helping you to reduce fat, as well as speed up the absorption of food in your body, which will boost your energy. Slim Crunch was made to follow these scientific facts, giving your body highly nutritious food that is low in calories and easy to absorb, so that it will boost your metabolism and your energy at the same time.

A: By reducing the amount of calories that you eat, a low-calorie diet that includes Slim Crunch forces your body to use stored body fat for energy, while at the same time maintaining muscle mass. Slim Crunch increases your metabolism as well, using up even more of your stored body fat and helping you to lose even more weight.

A: Slim Crunch is a high-energy, highly nutritious food source that can be used before, during and after any type of exercise and/or sport, or as an energy boosting food for fast energy whenever you might need it. Slim Crunch was designed to deliver a quick boost of energy at the start of any exercise routine or sporting challenge/adventure. They also deliver long-term energy due to their combination of highly nutritious proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. In effect, Slim Crunch is the perfect energy food for any athlete or sportsperson, as well as an excellent food for anyone living an active lifestyle.

A: Slim Crunch is made for practically every type of exercise and/or sport. That includes running, jog-ging, bicycling, hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, mountain climbing, baseball, volleyball, motocross, hang-gliding, snowboarding, skiing, weightlifting, aerobics, step classes, football, stationary bicycling, walking and practically any other type of sport or exercise you can imagine.

A: Slim Crunch was developed for anyone looking for high quality nutrition, fast energy and low calories. It is being used today by many different types of people with a wide variety of different requirements. For example, actors and models who need energy but also need to stay fit use Slim Crunch regularly. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, police officers, firefighters and other healthcare professionals who need quick energy use Slim Crunch every day. Many people with active lifestyles who need a quick source of energy and protein, including pilots and flight attendants, use Slim Crunch, also.

A: Definitely. Slim Crunch contains food of an extremely high value, but with very few calories. They can be used as a meal replacement in many weight loss programs to help with both weight loss, as well as weight maintenance. They deliver a high amount of energy without added calories.

A: Slim Crunch is meant to deliver a fast, healthy boost of energy wherever you are and whenever you need it, without a lot of extra, empty calories.

A: Slim Crunch has a shelf life of up to 25 years and should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture and light.

A: Yes, definitely. Slim Crunch is made with every day, natural ingredients that are safe to be eaten any time. Indeed, Slim Crunch is much safer than most “fast food” and other so-called “energy food” that’s packed with high amounts of sugar, salt and unhealthy fat.

A: Scientists have known for decades that the more food a person eats, the less efficient their body becomes due to the amount of energy needed to absorb and digest that food. Slim Crunch does just the opposite, reducing the actual amount of food that a person eats but replacing it with a food source that is highly concentrated nutritionally. Where most typical foods are only about 60% absorbed, Slim Crunch is almost 100% absorbed by the human body, with very little waste.

A: Yes. In our controlled studies we’ve found that a 3-day cleanse, where 3 to 6 Slim Crunch are used as a meal replacement for all three daily meals, and taken in combination with a variety of raw vegetables, produces an excellent detoxification result. If done this way, your body will be cleansed due to the easier digestion that Slim Crunch affords, and your metabolism will be reset.

A: As a meal replacement or as a snack between meals, an energy booster during exercise or sports, or simply to get a quick boost of energy while on the job, you can eat as many Slim Crunch as you like. Make sure to drink plenty of water and, if you are doing a Slim Crunch cleanse/detox, eat plenty of raw vegetables, also.

A: Yes! Slim Crunch comes in four delicious flavors including Vanilla Malt, Chocolate, Strawberry and Butterscotch.

A: Yes. Those on a gluten-free diet or that wish to only eat food that is non-GMO can safely use Slim Crunch.

A: Slim Crunch is proudly manufactured in the USA from ingredients that are also sourced in the United States.